INTERVIEW : Meet Duo Photographers known as TEAM MEDIA, Interview on Inkplay


Hi, to all all hustlers and dream chasers, welcome to another episode of RISING STAR'S interview, a place to meet dream chaser who are almost making it a reality, and our today guess are a duo photographers known as TEAM MEDIA,  let go meet our guess of the day

Inkplay : Wow,  it is a great pleasure having you guys on inkplay platform TEAM MEDIA

Team Media (Francis) :

Thank you for this great opportunity....

Team Media (Victor) : Thanks alot for the honor to be honored , lol

Inkplay : We also appreciate you guys for honoring to be our guess of the day,  so TEAM MEDIA, two of you guys are what is called team media , hope am right?

Team Media (Victor) : YEAH

INKPLAY : That great, can we know a bit about each of you?  Let start with you with the longer dread, lol

TEAM MEDIA ( FRANCIS)  : Francis is the name.. Am Igbo by tribe, origin of Ebonyi State.. born and brought up here in minna

INKPLAY : OK, let get to know you the next fresh camera man

TEAM MEDIA (VICTOR) : LOL, Michael Victor Igbo by tribe,

From Anambra state 

Base in MX too

Nothing much though

INKPLAY : OK, you both base in Minna?  That Niger State right?


INKPLAY : How was team media found?  What brought you guys together to stand as team media?

TEAM MEDIA (FRANCIS) : It wasn't a thing of plan thou... The name has been alive for long.. The name was given by a mentor MSD..  it was his idea to build a team that will have to do with anything concerning MEDIA. Based on person issues, something came up... So IT  turned out to be our BRAND OFFICIAL NAME

INKPLAY : OK,  so TEAM MEDIA is all about what?  Like what do you guys specialized on

TEAM MEDIA (VICTOR) : Many things,videography,graphics designs and cartoon Animation.... Business (smile) , 

INKPLAY : That sound so great.

What are the challenges you guys face?


MX....... Like nothing is more challenging than the level of which photography is being rated here in MX

INKPLAY : You mean photography ain't getting enough appreciation like other places?


Totally not appreciated

TEAM MEDIA (VICTOR):  Mx is a Annoying place for photography

INKPLAY : Wow, that bad, but do you think or have an idea on how to change that?  To make it more appreciated ?

TEAM MEDIA (VICTOR) : Hmmmmm not really, working on that though...

INKPLAY : I pray what you working on do the magic brothers.

TEAM MEDIA (VICTOR)  : amen bro

INKPLAY : Now let talk, how does cute photographers like you guys deal with your female clients?  We know sometimes this female clients might try to go extra off business


Everyday question bro.... The fact is... Money first.... lol.. Nothing much bro

TEAM MEDIA (VICTOR)  : The money first

INKPLAY : All about the bag bro..

So what advice do you have for upcoming photographers, people who want to go into photo business?

TEAM MEDIA (FRANCIS) : Photography business is a competition in Nigeria, not only MX... The sweetest part of it is that we are all connected... To every person trying to b a Photographer.. Be friendly to everybody not only clients.. Connections mostly comes from friends.. Be calm, connect to every possible creative person ... BE RESPECTFUL.. just have it in mind.... WHO PASS U NO CONCERN U... UR OWN NAH TO DO UR BEST

TEAM MEDIA (VICTOR) : And don't let pride come in between, Nah person wey calm down dey enjoy.

INKPLAY : It was a great pleasure having you guys around, and hope to host you guys soon on out YouTube TV

TEAM MEDIA ( FRANCIS) : More blessings bro... We all no go lack... THANK YOU

TEAM MEDIA (VICTOR) : Thanks A lot bro

Thanks to y'all our readers .

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