INTERVIEW : Meet female rising star 'MICK BEE' on inkplay rising star's interview


Today on inkplay rising star's interview we got talent female singer and rapper known as MICK BEE.  let go meet our guess.. 

Inkplay : Good morning, 
wow, it a pleasure to have the young Nicki Minaj on the iNK Play platform, am talking of Mick Bee.  ☺

Mick Bee : Lol 😂 Morning it's actually a huge shot the pleasure is mine

Inkplay: Mick Bee welcome to ink play platform  , so Mick Bee can we know a bit about your background

Mick Bee : Well I came From Niger state minna to be priced, I was born and brought up there, we re 6 in our family but Dad passed away when I was 8
,We relocated to Abuja where I did my secondary School education and living there presently. But I'm studying Accounting in Ibrahim badamasi babangida University lapai Niger state

Inkplay: Oops, may the soul of your dad continue to rest in peace dear.

Mick Bee  : Ameen 😇

Inkplay : So Mick Bee, what your biological name and why the name Mick bee as stage name?

Mick Bee : I'm Ibrahim hajiya hauwa 
And Mick Bee emerged from Nicki converted to Mick and My name at home is Baiwa short form B so I added double E to make it look a bit extra ordinary But full meaning is 
M - my 
I -  idol
C - cute 
K - kitty
B - beauty
E - ever 
E - evil 

Inkplay : Wow, that sounds cool and great. OK, Mick are your family in support of your music?

Mick Bee : My family are fully in support. Although  a lot of people do insult my mum telling her she's leading me to the wrong path sometimes she breaks down but when ever she sees my internet and courage she believes I'll be great

Inkplay : That sweet of the super woman, I believe one day you will make her proud and prove the people wrong

Mick Bee : By God's grace I'll make mum proud it's a promise

Inkplay : For how long have you been doing music and what your genre of music?

Mick Bee : Well I've been doing Music for over 6yrs now 
I got addicted to it since secondary School
My Genre in music is basically pure on Raps I believe I express myself more with that solo is not my thing

Inkplay : That quite a long time, what have been your challenges?

Mick Bee : A lot, cux I've lost friends especially female ones, I ve met a lot who will tell me to back down some who will call me wayward and indecent girl

Inkplay : So what are we expecting from Mick Bee, and where do u think Mick Bee will be in next 2 years?

Mick Bee : A lot ,a huge hits I can feel it coming 😂, Men me in 2yrs, well I don't know what God has for me but I'm sure Long live, greatness and Success is part of it so in 2yrs I'll be in a better me dow 🤭

Inkplay : What are your advice to both male and female up and coming act like you?

Mick Bee : The first thing you need to know is who u re, love urself and accept the fact that this is you. Secondly Go to school is important, And lastly Believe in God pray to him, don't u ever let people say u ain't worthy of being something in life don't give up for anyone

Inkplay : Nice talking to you Mick Bee, we hope on having you on our TV soon,  and we wish you all the best dear

Mick Bee : Thanks so much for giving me this privilege I love u All so much mauh!!! Brrrrrrr 🥰❤️😇

Thank y'all .

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